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3 Poker Tournament Strategy Tips

You may only participate in a handful of live poker tournaments over the course of a year so make the most of them.  If you want to win or at least come away with some profit then preparation is essential.
Prior to the start of the tournament it’s good to follow these three steps to get you ready to win:

1. Play Some Hands

It may not always be possible to get yourself down to a live game just days before a live tournament.  Firstly, there may not be any going on at that time.  Or they may simply be too far away.  Logging onto the internet and playing poker online is one way to get some hands in before your big tournament.
Whilst online poker isn’t quite the same as the real thing, it allows you to get into tournament mode.  This includes practicing your patience as the pace of tournaments can certainly be slow, and it’s important that you remain focused.  I certainly recommend playing a few games before your main event.

2. Learn

Whatever games you play or career you have there’s always room for improvement, always something new to learn.  Poker is no different.  Topping up your knowledge days before a tournament will keep it fresh and the front of your mind which is useful when you’re in action.

There are plenty of podcasts out there that run through strategies and offer advice.  Likewise there are plenty of videos you can watch on YouTube to teach you similar knowledge.  And of course, many books have been published on winning at poker and strategies.

Whether you’re learning about advanced strategies or back to basics, thinking about poker is enough to help you prepare ahead of many decisions you’re going to have to make at the tables.

3. Rest

There are few better pieces of advice to be given ahead of entering a poker tournament than getting plenty of rest in advance.  You can be at a table from 6pm to 6am non-stop and your focus isn’t going to be at its best if you haven’t slept much prior to taking your seat.

Being well-rested helps you focus and gives you the energy you need at the table.  When you’re not so well-rested then you’re prone to making rash decisions and mistakes that will cost you plenty of chips.

Likewise, eating well is important.  Sugars, coffee and unhealthy foods make you tire quicker, so be sure you’re on a good diet heading into the tournament to keep you fresh and focussed.

These three tips and the be-all and end-all of poker tournament preparation but they will put you in good shape to head to your event with a chance of winning.  Be sure to get some practice in and sleep well before you head to your tournament whilst reading up on poker to switch your mind into poker mode.  Best of luck!

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