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Why Play Blackjack as an Alternative to Poker?

It’s no secret that Poker has experienced a pretty impressive growth spurt over the past few years. Caught up in a wave of excitement, Television stations have been clamouring over themselves to gain the coverage rights for both big time tournaments and exclusive, made-for-TV competitions, whilst everyone from Hollywood celebs to globally renowned rock stars have been taking a break from the day job to moonlight as successful Poker pros.

That wave has spread further too, capturing the imagination of the general public in a way that few other forms of gambling ever has, it’s why we’re here after all. Yet whilst Poker has boisterously bathing itself in the media spotlight, Blackjack, it’s somewhat camera-shy counterpart, has been quietly attracting a buzz all of its own.

Whether you’re already well established round the card tables but looking for a new challenge, or whether you’re taking your first tentative steps into the realm of playing card games for money, here’s just a few reasons to play Blackjack as an alternative to Poker.

It’s much easier to learn

For newcomers, any kind of card game can seem complicated when you’re not familiar with the rules and strategies at work around the table. As far as you can guess, players simply move a deck of playing cards around, speak to each other in some sort of weird code, and occasionally pick up a prize for their troubles.

You’d love to learn how to play, but with so much to get to grips with, it’s not always obvious where you’re supposed to start.

Not so when you play Blackjack, by far one of the simplest casino games around in terms of simply mastering the basics.

And if you’re still keen on eventually becoming a Poker star, starting with Blackjack can be a good way to build up some confidence with the cards and familiarise yourself with game play first.

There’s more chance to stack the odds in your favour

Unlike other games of its type, playing Blackjack means trying your luck against the house dealer instead of your fellow gamblers. What this means for you, is that your chances of success are less dependent on the skill - or rather lack thereof- of those around the table, and more on how the fate of the gambling gods decides to shine on that particular day.

Not that it’s all left to pure chance. By getting a handle on some of the techniques used by veteran Blackjack player, you stand a much greater chance of stacking the odds in your favour than you do when competing against other players.

A faster pace means more excitement

Take part in a Poker game, and you’ll probably find that the pace of play moves fairly, if not very, slowly, especially when those you’re up against spend what seems like an eternity deciding on their next move.

With something always going on in a Blackjack competition, there’s none of that tedious waiting about, and always something going around the table, leading to greater thrills and excitement for you.
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