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How to Keep a Good Poker Face

Telling yourself to keep a good poker face is easy. Creating and maintaining the poker face is much harder than you think when the stakes are high and tensions mount. It can be very difficult to control your reactions while you are at the same time focusing on play. But keeping a poker face is essential if you want to win big. Learning to control your emotions and relax is critical when you want to keep your face straight and betraying no tells.

Relax Your Face

To relax your face, you also need to relax generally. You are more likely to betray your emotions and lose control when you are stressed. Take some time to clear your mind before play, loosen the muscles in your face, do a few stretches, take many deep breaths, and take control of your feelings. Once you are relaxed, your face relaxes, too.

Maintain Eye Contact

Keeping eye contact with others is critical when playing Poker. If you look away frequently you appear like you have something to hide. You also show people that you are not intimidated whatever the game throws up, and you are confident to win.

But Don’t Stare

Staring is not particularly confident, and you need to blink occasionally in order not to compromise your poker face. If you stare at the other players too long it appears like you are not paying attention to your game – and after a while you soon won’t be. Also, your eyes dry out when you are staring. Of course, don’t go overboard because blinking too much displays nervousness.

Keep Your Jaw Relaxed

The set of your jaw is where your tension will show, and it is important not to let your jaw display what you are really feeling. When you have a tense jaw, you look nervous and stressed. You may also find yourself involuntarily smiling, or frowning, and it goes without saying that these gestures are not ideal for maintaining a poker face. Remind yourself to let your jaw relax. Avoid showing your teeth as this movement gives away a lot of emotion.

Look Straight Ahead

Looking up to the left or right, even when it is out of the corner of your eye, reveals that you are hiding something and will destroy that poker face. Keep looking straight ahead, minimise the movements made by your eyes. If you are in the habit of raising your eyebrows, or even squinting, try to avoid this when playing poker. It is hard to keep your eyes looking straight ahead but it works better for your game – if in doubt, you could wear sunglasses like some of the top poker stars. So long as your location is well lit, you should be able to see.

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