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Online bingo only at Game Village Bingo

Reasons of playing online bingo many be many, starting from free bingo games, loads of easy cash and of course a whole lot of innovative bingo games. Saying that it’s also true that with the growth of digitalisation the number of online bingo sites have also gone up by leaps and bounds. In fact the year 2014 saw close to 10 new online bingo sites being launched and then within just 3 months of 2015 there was the launch 2 more new sites. With so many new sites in the horizon it gets difficult for each one of us to really pin point on a site which would really be worth our money. But we at Poker TableHaven have found a way out of that as well and through our extensive research have found certain sites which are absolutely worth playing in.

One among them is GameVillage Bingo and we are sure most of you are aware of this one. Well after all this site has been around since 2007 and this one being a proprietary site has always offers unique stuff. For those of you who are new into the bingo world we promise GameVillage Bingo won’t disappoint you with the offers in store.

For example this site offers bonuses not only on the first deposit but also for the 2nd and 3rd deposits. On the first deposit of only a £5 you can play with a whopping £25 along with getting the chance to spin the wheel.

Games are a whole lot in here with new games being added quiet frequently. Currently their ‘new games’ section has Five Pirates, Kittenball, Treasures of King Arthur and Tutti Fruitti. There are also a whole lot of slot games and casino games to indulge in along with scratch card games and freebets. In terms of bingo they have revamped their Chip Van bingo room and it now hosts a 50 ball bingo games. Sounds exciting right? Well it is after all we all love speed bingo.

We however thought that their bingo radio and community section is the greatest attraction of all. As you can listen to your favourite songs along with being able to find great pals. So bingo lovers play and win exciting prizes.

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